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  • ARIX Diamond Arrangement Technolo..
    ARIX Diamond Arrangement Technology Saw Bladearix diamond arrangement technology saw blade -application: bricks, brick blocks, granite, stone and many other stones diameter bo..
  • Diamond Wire Saw
    Diamond Wire Sawreinforced concrete goods no. specification bead/m fitting method e610 φ10.7 40 rubber+spring cutting material line speed cutting..
  • General Purpose
    General Purposesegmented saw blade features: multi-application saw blades suitable for fast, free, smooth cutting. application: tile, bricks, bri..
  • Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel..
    Diamond Cup Grinding Wheelsintered cup wheel features: sintered segmented cup wheel provides high efficiency and remarble performance application: granite, ..
  • Diamond Core Drill..
    Diamond Core Drillconcrete core drill feature: designed for drilling reinforced concrete, and other construction material. specifications : φ23 ~..
  • Professional For Construction Mat..
    Professional For Construction Materialreinforced concrete – laser welded, brazed welded de signed for cutting various kinds of concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, ..
  • PCD Tools
    PCD Tools
  • Diamond Segment
    Diamond Segmentdiamond segment features: fast cutting speed, long life application: cutting granite,marble,concrete,asphalt,limestone,sandstone,b..
  • Professional For Nature Stone..
    Professional For Nature Stonegranite saw blade - brazed welded diameter bore segment segment mm inch size(mm/inch) thickness(mm) height(mm) 300 12” 25.4/1” 3..
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